Compulsory degree: Master's degree in Law

Compulsory degree: Master's degree in Law • Preparation for the entrance examination in an Institute of Judicial Studies dependent on a Faculty of Law: this training can be followed at the same time as the preparation of the Master's degree.• 2 years training before passing the CAPA (Certificate of Aptitude to the Profession of Lawyer) in a Regional Center of Vocational Training – School of Lawyers –

• Exit examination (organized in accordance with the Decree of 7 December 2005 setting the program and procedures for the examination of proficiency in the profession of Lawyer.)

To access the profession of Lawyer, you still need:

Be French or a national of a Member State of the European Union or party to the agreement on the European Economic Area;
or be a national of a State offering reciprocity to French wishing to practice in that State;
or be a refugee or stateless person.

Have not been the subject of any criminal conviction for acts contrary to honor, probity or morality.

Have not been the subject of any disciplinary or administrative sanction of dismissal, revocation, withdrawal of authorization or authorization.

Not having been personally bankrupt

Nationals of the European Union, who have the status of lawyer in their country of origin have the faculty to be registered as Lawyer in France, under their title of origin (subject to verification of this title). After 3 years of effective and regular activity in France and in French law, the Lawyer established in France will be able to obtain the professional title of Lawyer. If the lawyer justifies a shorter period of practice in French law, the Council of the Order assesses the effective and regular nature of the activity carried out, as well as the capacity of the interested party to pursue it.

The CAPA holder must then take an oath and apply for membership of a Law Society.

Taking the oath

"I swear, as Advocate, to perform my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity."


The lawyer can be generalist or choose to specialize. 15 specialties are provided for by the 1993 decree:
• Personal rights
• Criminal law
• Real estate law
• Rural
• Environmental law
• Public law
• Intellectual property law • Commercial
• Company law
• Tax law • Law social
• Economic law
• Law enforcement measures
• Community
law • International relations law.

To obtain a specialization, the lawyer must pass a test of knowledge control, and must have 4 years of practice in the subject in which he wishes to obtain the specialization.

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